The Unit Operations Lab, ATC 180 is where the lab classes take place. The lab is very large and airy. We have several industrial scale machines that process plastics in different ways.

  • For discrete articles we have two injection molding machines:
    • 100 ton Milacron ACT 100B all electric
    • 30 ton Milacron ACT 100B all electric
  • For continuous products we have an extruder:
    • 1.5” Killion extruder with:

               Cast film die

               2″ blown film die and adjustable tower

               Calendaring with three-roll stack

  • For making hollow products with holes, we have two blow molders:
    • 1.5” Rocheleau extrusion/accumulator system
    • 1.5”Rocheleau extrusion system with parison programmer


  • For making hollow products with no opening we have a rotational molder:
    • EMCO Model 812 Rotational Molder
  • For making thermoset parts we have three compression molding machines:
    • 75 ton Wabash with transfer
    • 30 ton Dake, plus smaller Carver/Wabash press
  • For making shaped part from plastics sheet we have two thermoformers:
    • Formech Model 660 Vacuum Former
    • EMCO Model 810 Vacuum Former