Plastics is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, with an economic impact exceeding $100 billion annually and providing approximately 1.5 million jobs. As it continues its rapid growth in both sales and consumption, the plastics industry will continue to lead others in both expansion and stability. Our associate degree program prepares you to become a valuable and integral part of the plastics field. Graduates enter positions dealing with injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, structural and nonstructural foams, rotomolding, supervision, industrial statistics, mold preparation, setup, quality control, production control, fabrication, and semiprofessional research and development. Positions available to the plastics technology graduate include:

  • Process engineer
  • Production technician
  • Senior technician
  • Application research technician
  • Technician service representative
  • Quality control technician
  • Chemical sales or technical service representative

Graduates of this associate degree program have the option of continuing into the bachelor’s program in a 2+2 fashion. This gives you the flexibility to leave at the end of two years or finish the bachelor’s degree in four years. Please speak to a program advisor about this option to assure completion of math and science requirements prior to enrolling in 300-level plastics engineering technology courses.

Degree Requirements:

Engineering Technology Courses: 7 hrs.
Mathematics/Science Courses: 29 hrs.
Plastics Engineering Technology Courses: 22 hrs.
English Courses 6 hrs.
Total Hours Required: 64 hrs.


Engineering Technology Courses (7 Hours):

Course No. Course Credit Hours
ETCO2225 OSHA and Industrial Management 3 hrs.
ETCO3320 Ethics 1 hrs.
ETCA1301 3-D Parametric Modeling 3 hrs.


Mathematics/Science Courses (29 Hours):

Course No. Course Credit Hours
CHEM1141 General Chemistry 1 4 hrs.
CHEM1142 General Chemistry 2 4 hrs.
MATH1300 Pre-Calculus 5 hrs.
MATH2110 Calculus 1 4 hrs.
MATH2120 Calculus 2 4 hrs.
PHYS2201 Physics 1 4 hrs.
PHYS2202 Physics 2 4 hrs.

Plastics Engineering Tech. Courses (22 Hours):

Course No. Course Credit Hours
ETPL1100 Plastics Manufacturing & Processing 3 hrs.
ETPL1120 Software Tools and 3-D Drawing 3 hrs.
ETPL2200 Plastics Processing 1 4 hrs.
ETPL2220 Plastics Processing 2 4 hrs.
ETPL2230 Properties of Polymers 1 4 hrs.
ETPL2235 Statistical Proc./Quality Control 1 4 hrs.