Products made by the plastics industry range from simple articles like bottles and cups to highly intricate molded parts for the automotive, electronics, and medical products industries. Their production requires knowledgeable technologists who can design a product, select the best plastic for the product, design a mold, and establish the optimum operating conditions for the machines that are used to mold the product. The plastics engineering technology program prepares you to become a member of the team that accomplishes these objectives.

The program emphasizes plastics processing operations and includes significant components in the areas of materials, mold design, and production methods. Graduates of the program are prepared to assume professional positions in the plastics manufacturing industry. Typical job titles are process engineer, project engineer, and production manager.
Degree Requirements:

General Education Program*: 34 hours
Engineering Technology Courses: 7 hours
Mathematics/Science Courses: 29 hours
Plastics Engineering Technology Courses: 54 hours
Elective Courses: 14 hours
Total Hours Required: 128 hours

Engineering Technology Courses (7 hours)

Course No. Course Credit Hours
ETCO2225 OSHA and Industrial Management 3 hrs.
ETCO3320 Ethics 1 hrs.
ETCO1301 3-D Parametric modeling 3 hrs.

Mathematics/Science Courses (29 hours)

Course No. Course Credit Hours
Chem1141 General Chemistry 1 4 hrs.
Chem1142 General Chemistry 2 4 hrs.
Math1300 Pre-Calculus 5 hrs.
Math2110 Calculus 1 4 hrs.
Math2120 Calculus 2 4 hrs.
Phys2201 Physics 1 4 hrs.
Phys2202 Physics 2 4 hrs.

Plastics Engineering Technology (54 hours)

Course No. Course Credit Hours
ETPL1100 Plastics Manufacturing 3 hrs.
ETPL1120 Software Tools For Technology 3 hrs.
ETPL2200 Plastics Processing 1 4 hrs.
ETPL2220 Plastics Processing 2 4 hrs.
ETPL2230 Properties of Polymers 1 4 hrs.
ETPL2235 Statistical Proc./Quality Control 1 4 hrs.
ETPL3320 Plant Layout and Cost Analysis 4 hrs.
ETPL3335 Statistical Proc./Quality Control 2 4 hrs.
ETPL3345 Advanced Processing 1 4 hrs.
ETPL3360 Plastics Part and Mold Design 1 4 hrs.
ETPL3370 Plastics Part and Mold Design 2 4 hrs.
ETPL4445 Advanced Processing 2 4 hrs.
ETPL4470 Part and Mold Making and Foams 4 hrs.

Technical Electives (14 hours)The student in consultation with their academic advisor can choose technical elective classes, 14 credit hours total. The classes should be in the areas of Math, Natural Science, CADD, Computer Engineering, Business, or other areas approved by advisor.

*The General Education Program is composed of 34 credit hours of which 10 hours may be satisfied by the following mathematics and science requirements in the plastics engineering technology curriculum. Courses that apply are Math1300 and Natural Science Option 2: Chem 1141 and 1142. Further information about the GEP is listed on page 57 of the current catalog or can be obtained from the department chairperson’s office.